How To Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock? (3 Easy Ways)

A Wordlock bike lock is similar to most other combination bike locks except that it uses letters instead of numbered dials in the market, When you enter the correct combination into the Wordlock it allows you to lock up after the shackle will release.

The only issue is that many riders forget their passwords as they are unable to recall the combination that they used to previously set and locked.

One can follow the steps below to see How To Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock.

How To Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock

Examine your bike to see what kind of locking mechanism is installed and then you can reset the password by removing the locking mechanism’s toothed end. As a result, you can reset the password using a flip switch or twist mechanism.

How To Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock? (3 Easy Ways)

1.1). Flip Switch Method

The first step is to look for a small switch or lever so that your new bike code has been successfully reset.

  • Push the small lever to the right and lower it.
  • That is how you properly bring the locking device to the resetting position.
  • Make use of the marking ridge.
  • You can now open the Wordlock by entering the new passcode.
  • After you’ve entered a new password, return the lever to its original position.

1.2). Twist Mechanism Method

By following Twist Mechanism Method, you have to locate the spin switch, this switch also has arrows and the password is written on it.

  • Rotate the switch until it is in the resetting position.
  • Rotate the switch completely and thoroughly until it is unable to rotate any further.
  • You will see that the locking device of your bike gets entered into the passcode setting position.
  • Make a small ridge for marking.
  • Consider a simple code and enter it into that spin switch so that you will not forget.
  • After entering, rotate and secure the switch again.
  • Thus, you have successfully achieved a new reset code.

2). Additional Methods To Unlock

2.1). Personal Set Combination

In case you forget how the lock works, simply align the combination you originally set with the small notches on the locking mechanism’s edge, but you should already be able to open your Wordlock if you know your combination,

After you have entered your combination, when you pull either side of the lock, it should open.

2.2). Default Combination Method

In any unfortunate event when you have completely forgotten the passcode you can unlock it by using the standard combination method, there is no need to worry or panic.

  • SHED is sometimes used as the default password.
  • Furthermore, you can also use some classic and popular combinations to unlock the bike lock including Bike, Fast, Tree, and Loop.
  • In addition, including the Wordlock the Scroll & Pull Picking Method unlocks any combination.

2.3). Old Combinations With New Options

A four-dial Wordlock allows for the following popular combinations, such as;

  • PLAY
  • TREE
  • FOUR
  • FIVE
  • FAST
  • MARS
  • LOOP
  • BIKE
  • GAME
  • TIDE

If you are unable to unlock your Wordlock even If you have tried all of the above-mentioned combinations then there is one more step to try before going broke.

3). Scroll & Pull Picking Method

When put under test, most low-cost combination locks will provide feedback indicating when each dial is in the open position.

While using Scroll and Pull Method, pull hard on either side of the combination lock and maintain tension on both sides.  This method basically determine which digit on the combination bike lock is correct by using tension. Begin slowly scrolling through the digits, feeling the dial for any changes in tension or stiffness.

This should get your Wordlock to open, but if it still won’t budge, there’s one more method we can try.

It will take slightly longer than the other methods, but it will unlock your Wordlock 99.999% of the time.

3.1 How to Select a Wordlock

It is fairly explainable that  how to enter each combination but, start with a memorable word that you will remember once you have scrolled through the dials.

Follow the simple steps below if you need assistance unlocking your Wordlock using the 9,999 attempt method.

  • Align the dials (i.e. M-A-R-S) to spell out or code in a memorable phrase
  • Apply light pressure to either side of the lock; this will allow the lock to open when we enter the correct combination.
  • Maintain this pressure throughout the picking process or the lock will not open.
  • Begin by scrolling clockwise through the letters on the right-hand dial, until you reach the letter you started with, for example if you chose the starting word MARS, this would be the letter “S”.
  • Turn the second dial from the right (letter “R”) one letter clockwise.
  • Return to the letter “S” and repeat step 3 for each of the ten letters.
  • Steps 3 and 4 should be repeated until you’ve gone through all 99 possible combinations.
  • Repeat steps 6 and 7 until you’ve entered 999 combinations by shifting the third dial from the right (letter “A”) clockwise by one letter.
  • Finally, turn the fourth dial (letter “M”) or one letter clockwise and repeat the previous and these steps until the lock pops open.

Otherwise, follow these steps to reset your password:

  • Remove the toothed end from the locking mechanism while your Wordlock is unlocked.
  • Examine the entrance to the locking mechanism for one of the two lock styles

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

1). What is Flip Switch Method?

The Flip Switch Method is used to reset Wordlock by lowering the small lever first, then resetting position properly, use the ridge for marking, and entering the new passcode.

2). What is Default Combination Method?

You can unlock Wordlock by using the default combination method. SHED is sometimes used as the default password. Furthermore, some classic and popular combinations include Bike, Fast, Tree, and Loop. You can also use them to unlock the bike lock.

3). What other steps can be used to reset the password?

While your Wordlock is unlocked, remove the toothed end from the locking mechanism.

Examine the locking mechanism entrance for one of the two lock styles

4). How personal set combination is useful?

If you forget how the lock works, simply align the combination you originally set with the small notches on the locking mechanism’s edge, When you pull either side of the lock after entering your combination, it should open.

5). What method can be used if all combinations fail?

If you are still unable to unlock your Wordlock, after you’ve tried all of the combinations, there’s one more thing you can try; The Scroll and Pull Picking Method.


 How To Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock is often a difficult task to complete but Wordlock bike locks offer very little security for your bicycle. Their cable shackle is woven together from several thin metal strands.

If a professional thief targeted your bike and you secured it with a Wordlock, they’d most likely be able to remove the lock in 5-10 seconds. The cable locks provide very little security and can be defeated in seconds with a small pair of wire cutters.

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