MIPS VS WaveCel Helmet | Which Helmet Is Better?

The customary foam-based helmets are of past times with regards to cycling safety. The fundamental two inbuilt safety frameworks to browse in present day are the MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) and the WaveCel (a folding cell structure in a wave development).

While MIPS exclusively safeguards the brain against any kind of rotational impact force, WaveCel offers a successful rate against rotational effect and linear effect powers.

In the present time, a lot of competition is going on between the two options, so in the battle of MIPS Vs WaveCel Helmet, let’s see who wins.

MIPS Vs WaveCel Helmet Compared

MIPS VS WaveCel Helmet | Which Helmet Is Better?

Here is a detailed comparison of MIPS VS WaveCel Helmet:

MIPS Helmets

MIPS Helmet

MIPS speaks about a slip-plane helmet that limits the impact of the rotational development of the human brain. The slip-plane framework imitates the brain defense mechanism to safeguard it against any rotational effect.

MIPS framework is made up of a non-fiction layer allowing regular head revolution between 10-15mm. This will decrease or retain angled energy.

At the point when the head is forced to stop mid-rotation the human brain feels a strain that could bring about a blackout. The MIPS framework helps by decreasing the effect and shields the brain from expected wounds.

Since most brain wounds because of cycling are due to rotational effects, the MIPS framework is an extraordinary protection measure.

1. Framework Design

MIPS helmets have ports at the front which are the width of a finger, also across the top, and as an exhaust at the back, making this helmet all around ventilated.

At 260 grams, MIPS is just 50 grams heavier than the customary foam helmet, which is stretched to just under 24%.

There are numerous MIPS helmets available, including street types, mountain helmets, and also available for kids. Three of the highly suggested varieties are the Giro, Bell, and Bern.

2. Market Value

The MIPS framework helmet comes with somewhat more than a customary helmet as it offers extra security which includes extra value

3. Exclusive Design

One of the exclusive features that MIPS offer is that the style or look is essentially kept engaging, there are significantly more options and varieties with regards to MIPS helmets, which includes two tone looks.

4. Safety

This sort of helmet offers the best insurance against any crash with a vehicle or any kind of vertical impact with the ground.

MIPS supplements all the wellbeing measures by attempting to safeguard against the common ground crashes.

5. Varieties

  • Giro Syntax MIPS Helmet, best Road bike helmet
  • Bell Super Air Helmet, best Mountain bike helmet
  • Bern Hudson Helmet, best Commuter bike helmet


  • Lighter in weight
  • Less expensive
  • Higher scores in more security tests as per Virginia Tech 10% more secure against rotational effect

The greatest benefit of MIPS helmets is that it’s something like 10% more safer against rotational impact. In this way, assuming that you crash, you can depend on the helmet to lessen the injury’s effect and the severity.


  • No advancement in insurance against the linear effect
  • Two-Tone are less noticeable to others who are driving

WaveCel Helmets

WaveCel Helmet

WaveCel is a Trek-designed helmet framework present on the Bontrager helmet. As a matter of fact, the term HELMET these days points to a folding cell layer inside a Bontrager that offers multiple times safety than of a conventional foam helmet.

WaveCel runs more like the crump zone, whose work is to retain the force before it reaches towards the head and the brain.

However, WaveCel doesn’t ensure 100% brain safety, but it is 48 times more successful than customary helmets which implies that it is more secure.

Additionally, the WaveCel safeguards from all points such as, top, back, sides, and from the front, in this way, the BPS is more successful. As stated by the experts, WaveCel is powerful against both rotational and angled impact plus the linear impact as well.

1. Framework Design

The WaveCel helmet has no vents on the front, rather all of the vents across the top and back are marginally blocked by the WaveCel structure inside.

With weighing the scales at around 341 grams, the WaveCel helmets have a truly recognizable weight of almost 63% from the customary models.

Like MIPS, WaveCel helmet also comes with a wide variety of helmets including for women as well and some recreational helmets.

The famous and recommended option comes in three different varieties such as, Blaze, Bontrager Charge, and Bontrager XXX.

2. Market Value

The innovation in WaveCel helmets likewise offer more security and protection against the linear and rotational effect so that they are somewhat more costly than a MIPS framework.

3. Exclusive Design 

If we talk about the WaveCel helmet, it just comes in strong color varieties, however the WaveCel design can give a two-tone effect.

With regards to the security you need, the strong yellow one is entirely apparent and clear to drivers of different other vehicles.

The WaveCel helmet technology has 3 stages:

  • Flex – to lessen the initial frictional powers.
  • Fold – to lessen the impact force.
  • Skim – the WaveCel diverts the energy away from your head.

4. Safety

A particular looking internal layer, WaveCel joins the advantages of the customary or traditional helmet and the decrease in rotational effect of MIPS into one set.

5. Varieties

  • Bontrager XXX helmet, best Road bike helmet
  • Bontrager Blaze helmet, best Mountain bike helmet
  • Bontrager Charge Helmet, best Commuter bike helmet.


  • 48 times more successful than customary foam helmets
  • Extra linear affect insurance
  • A one-year crash substitution guarantee
  • Sturdier

WaveCel is very successful at safeguarding the brain against angled and linear impact. Generally speaking, WaveCel offers more protection than traditional helmets.

Furthermore, the company ensures a one-year Crash Replacement, which demonstrates the quality of the helmet.


  • Heavier in weight
  • Expensive in rate
  • Has lower scores in more security and protection tests as per Virginia Tech.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1). What is the framework design of a MIPS helmet?

MIPS helmets have ports at the front, at the top, and at the back that provides ventilation to the rider.

2). Are there any advantages that are offered by MIPS helmets?

They are lighter in weight and in-expensive as they are available at budget-friendly rates

3). Does WaveCel Helmets offer any safety measures?

The WaveCel Helmets have collaborated the advantages of the traditional helmet and decreased rotational effect of MIPS into one set.

4). Are there any drawbacks of WaveCel Helmets?

WaveCel Helmets are heavy in weight plus they come at expensive rates.

5). WaveCel Helmets and MIPS Helmet, which is better?

MIPS is considered as a more secure and reliable choice with regards to safety whereas WaveCel provides more effective linear and rotational effects.


In the MIPS Vs WaveCel Helmet battle, WaveCel safeguards against both rotational effects (however not quite as much as MIPS) as well as linear effect, which makes it more successful than conventional helmets.

However, generally, a helmet viability relies on numerous things in addition to its BPS tech system. Additionally, you also need to depend on the internal EPS lining and the external polycarbonate shell.

But, in light of rotational effect, MIPS is a more secure choice. But if we talk about both the rotational effect and linear effect, WaveCel is the better of the two.

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